Artist Statement

I am an artist.   
I decided to become a painter,  no one invited me to do this.     

    My painting is personal and connective, there is a narrative.   
    I love the path of pigment along the surface tension of water.   
            I love the demands of watercolor.   I delight in

the texture of papers and look at pairing paint to them.

    I love the slow dry and depth of oil paints.    I love the press but             
            am not drawn to multiples

     I gamble documentation with a Holga.  I enter experience

close up, navigate by detail.
    Investigations are personal, guided by what is

        integral to my interior life as well as the external

adventures that frame my experi


I was interviewed by artist Anne Garvey in August 2017. We drank mimosa's and talked about the artistic process. You can read the interview here and see some photos of my work space.


Download a PDF of Janis Anton's resume here. For sales and show inquiries, contact Janis.