Artist Statement

I see with my little eye.

I am a maker of images, objects, and narrative.

I am an artist.  I chose to be an artist, no one asked me.

I have been trained to see with intent and focus. I isolate and reconnect line, shape, color, space, and light.  This ravenous trained seeing never stops; it is my spirit’s breath. The constant seeing is so seamlessly embedded in my psyche that it feels like play.

I was trained to draw and paint what I saw and then stretched the vision to show what I felt.  I played with pigment, fire, ink, wax, clay, graphite, chalk, and found objects - always straining toward fluency in visual language. That wild dance with media was a delight but it is watercolor that holds me in place.

I still get a little shiver seeing pigment lingering atop the water’s surface tension. I love color washes when the layers of transparency can seamless be altered to shades, while the tint lingers at the origin of the color field,

My subject matters lies at the place my interior life and my grounded experience intersect. This is where the desire of the heart resides. I paint improbable gardens, lush and always in bloom.  The tangled  botany is the context of a narrative that moves toward an ever shifting horizon line. At other times, I make abstract paintings that echo an ekphrastic map of a myth or story. I investigate my family stories, my dreams, changes, and daily mythologies that surround me - these visual episodes resonate in the brightness of the pallet, the undulating line, and fanciful details in my work.

I invite joy.



I was interviewed by artist Anne Garvey in August 2017. We drank mimosa's and talked about the artistic process. You can read the interview here and see some photos of my work space.


Download a PDF of Janis Anton's resume here. For sales and show inquiries, contact Janis.