Interviewed by Anne Garvey

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As many of you may know, I have a studio at Faultline Art Spaces.  There are lots of things I love about it; the lightfrom a 12 foot window at the end of my space and the fact there are 19 other artists working there.  I am particularly pleased that Anne Garvey is one of those artists and in the studio next to mine.

One day we talked about our artist statements - I admitted that my own artist statement is more about my work but not really not about me; focusing on the pieceis a way of hiding at a “third person distance”.  It’s probably true of most artist’s official statements -  you don’t directly see who they are as individuals. Anne and I agreed that an artists' interviews that could be more revealing. The conversations are in the moment and somehow more up close and personal.

Ann who was already expanding her own visual work with videos, decided to create a series of artist’s interviews with artists at Faultline.  It was with a mixture of delight and stage fright that I agreed to be part of her project. There were mimosas and editing, to be sure, but she brought the conversation around to what it’s like to be in the moment making art and the secret delights of loving paper and pigment in water.  

I hope you willread the interview, see her beautiful photos of my work space and some of my new work.  Yes, the “deer in the studio” is for my fellow Instagramers.